Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine



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      High-efficiency,good effect

      Automation.Stable cleaning efficiency.No chemical cleaning fluid required.

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      Control system

      Simple clear and concise interface.Easy to operate.Multiple parameters setting available.Easy to achieve the control for laser source and lens.

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      Real-time monitor cleaning quality

      Real-time monitoring of cleaning effect.Precise cleaning, with accurate location, precise size and selective cleaning



    Handheld cleaning head

    Simple handheld structure,portable.Ergonomic design.

    Easy to operate.Detachable flexible front end,achieve auto focus.


    Without damage to parts matrix.

    Accurate positioning without damage to parts matrix. Laser cleaning machine can clean the surface of very sensitive materials, such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel,Carbon fiber reinforced polymer or coating material without damaging the material.


    Eco and Environmental protection

    High cleaning cleanliness.Precise cleaning, with accurate location.protect the surface of brittle materials. effectively clean up micron-level pollution particles. safe and environmental protection,no consumables. The laser cleaning machine does not use chemical cleaning fluid, thus avoiding the damage to the material caused by chemical corrosion.


    Features Parameters

    Model No RFL-7C-0050 ◆ RFL-7C-0070 ◆ RFL-7C-0100 ◆ RFL-7C-0200
    Wavelength 1064mm
    Pulse frequency 20-100KHz ◆ 20-100KHz ◆ 20-200KHz ◆ 20-500KHz
    Cooling way Air ◆ Air ◆ Air ◆ Water
    Cooling water Deionized water
    Water temperature 19℃
    physical dimension 760*780*790mm ◆ 1100*950*700m
    Machine weight 56kg ◆ 60kg ◆ 65kg ◆ 130kg(Water tank)
    Power consumption 350W ◆ 500W ◆ 600W ◆ 1000W
    Laser working medium Yb-doped fiber
    Scan width 10-60mm
    Optional Handheld ◆ Automatic
    Operation ambient air temperature range 5-40℃


    Clean the Sample


    Industry Application

    It is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, track, environmental protection industry, weapon equipment industry, nuclear power industry and other industries.

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