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W Series
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W Series

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    • Commodity name: W Series



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      XT Laser has the technology of flying cutting and cutting stainless steel with compressed air, which can reduce the cutting cost and improve the cutting efficiency.

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      Excellent performance

      The table is designed with a thin plate tightening mechanism to improve the stability of the plate cutting process. Using deadly guide rails, racks, motors, reducers, etc. as transmission mechanism components, the positioning accuracy of the machine tool is ±0.01mm

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      Energy saving and environmental protection

      High conversion efficiency, less processing waste, automatic collection of smoke and dust, protecting the environment and human health



    Auto focus laser cutting head

    Automatic focusing

    Laser head with auto focus function, can adjust the focus automatically, don’t need to adjust by manual,The software can change different focusing lenses automatically and quickly to meet the cutting of different thickness plates, Simple, convenient, fast and accurate in operation.


    Large adjustment range 

    The accuracy is 0.01mm, suitable for different types of 0-20mm plates.


    Long life span

    Full-circle water cooling around the focusing component, realizing high-power, small-volume and long-term cutting No heat, no fog, improve the life of laser cutting head.


    Aerospace aluminum gantry

    The aerospace aluminum is manufactured under aerospace standards. After artificial aging and solution treatment, it is finished. Hardness can reach to T6, and it has the characteristics of good toughness and ductility. 

    Light in weight, convenient for high-speed movement during processing, and is highly flexible. It can greatly increase the processing speed when the accuracy is met.


    Plate welding bed design

    The bed adopts an open-web integral profile welding structure that has been verified and verified by CAE analysis. High temperature annealing and natural aging are used to eliminate welding stress, prevent deformation, reduce vibration, and ensure cutting accuracy




    Machine model XTC-F1530W◆ XTC-F1545W◆XTC-F2040W◆ XTC-F2060W◆XTC-F2560W
    Cutting breadth 1510x3050mm ◆ 1510x4550mm ◆ 2030x4050mm ◆ 2030x6050mm ◆ 2500x6050mm
    Linkage speed 140m/min
    positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
    Acceleration 1.5G
    Applicable power ≤6000W


    Cut sample

    Cut sample

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