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G Series

G series fully enclosed switchboard fiber cutting machine XTC-1530G, dedicated to providing professional laser industrial application solutions
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    Full protection and humanized design

    Fully enclosed laser protective glass design, prevents the laser from harming people. Automatic dust collection system, the cutting dust is internally filtered and discharged under certain standard, making the process more eco-friendly and no pollution. Intelligent monitoring system, real-time intelligent monitoring, reducing the incidence of accidents.

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    High-speed exchange table

    High-speed parallel exchange table design, dual working table exchange at the same time, stable and reliable transmission mode. Fast, shorten the exchange time, save the loading and unloading auxiliary time. Exchange motor controlled by frequency converter, can finish the table exchange within 15S.

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    New "core" intelligent system

    New generation of CNC system, more flexible in operation. Imported mature system and servo motors, integrated independently developed special laser cutting system. Operation system provides a rich and friendly human-computer interaction interface, which is a bridge for communication and interaction between machines and humans.





Auto focus laser cutting head


Automatic focusing

Laser head with auto focus function, can adjust the focus automatically, don’t need to adjust by manual, The software can change different focusing lenses automatically and quickly to meet the cutting of different thickness plates, Simple, convenient, fast and accurate in operation.


Large adjustment range

The accuracy is 0.01mm, suitable for different types of 0-20mm plates.


Long life span

Full-circle water cooling around the focusing component, realizing high-power, small-volume and long-term cutting. No heat, no fog, improve the life of laser cutting head.


Cast aluminum gantry

Using low-pressure steel film casting process, the beam has high compactness, the surface quality of the beam is smooth, and the integrity and rigidity are excellent.At the same time, it has good toughness, ductility and corrosion resistance. Reduce the load of the servo motor, reduce the inertia,While saving electricity costs, it improves the operating speed of the equipment.


Truss beam type composite bed

Gantry structure, dual drive synchronous compensation technology, stable structure, good rigidity and high dynamic response. After overall annealing heat treatment, remove the welding stress, keep the machine bed from deforming during transportation and use. Guide rail surface of the bed, integrally processed by gantry machining center, flatness error of the installation surface is 0.02mm.




Machine model XTC-F1530G◆ XTC-F2040G◆ XTC-F2060G◆ XTC-F2560G
Working area 1530x3050mm ◆ 2000x4000mm ◆ 2000x6000mm ◆ 2530x6050mm
Linkage speed ≤140m/min
Accelerated speed 1.5G
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Applicable power ≤6000w


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